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Our funeral home is a family owned and operated business.

The staff of Wieting Family Funeral Home is committed to do everything possible to give meaning to the life and remembrance of your loved one. For three generations, our family has been dedicated to serving families in their greatest hour of need.

I want to comment on how well, and beautiful the whole wake was. For not ever having to plan a funeral, I just thought that this was so easy. (Click the link below to watch the video testimonial)
~ Lori
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Jun 16 - 6:51 am
From our family to yours, Happy Father's Day!

Jun 14 - 7:16 am
It was in 1777 that our flag was adopted for the nation with thirteen stripes and thirteen stars. It was a symbol of all that the Americans had overcome and today we celebrate that day by flying our flag proudly. Not only in honor of Old Glory but also in honor of the lives that were laid on the line to protect our country then and now. ?? Happy Flag Day ?? https://www.wietingfuneralhome.com/services/our-services/

Jun 15 - 11:50 pm
While time does bring change to both communities and industries, it is comforting to know the values upon which we are built remain the same. https://www.wietingfuneralhome.com/

Jun 10 - 7:57 am
It's National Dairy Month and we want to take a moment to give a shout out to our local farmers! Without you, we'd be UDDERLY lost!

Jun 8 - 8:26 am
Remember them fondly with a service personalized to fit their personality. Let us commemorate your loved one with care and love. https://www.wietingfuneralhome.com/services/our-services/

Jun 6 - 7:26 am
D-Day was the beginning of the end of World War 2. Brave soldiers fought for freedom and liberation. Our world will be forever grateful to those who stormed Normandy!??https://www.wietingfuneralhome.com/services/our-services/

Jun 2 - 7:57 am
For National Cancer Survivors Day, we want to celebrate those who have survived, inspire those fighting, and support every life touched by cancer! COMMENT a ? to show YOUR support!

Jun 1 - 8:53 am
We work to provide our families with everything that they need after the loss of a loved one. We are here for you every day of every week. https://www.wietingfuneralhome.com/

May 31 - 1:48 pm
Our hearts go out to all the moms grieving during this Mother's Day month. A mother's love for her child doesn't require physical presence. You will love your child forever and, therefore, you will grieve your child forever. Follow the link to read more from real Mother's going through real loss. https://whatsyourgrief.com/grieving-a-child/

May 27 - 7:52 am
Will you be attending The Elder Rights Project (ERP) Know Your Rights Workshop this week? After breakfast Thursday, May 30th stop on by the Fox Valley Technical College Regional Learning Center. This FREE, monthly educational series for seniors begins at 10 AM in Room 236 (1200 E. Chestnut St. in Chilton.) https://iwantthenews.com/Content/Default/Calendar/-3/34

Jun 16 - 6:51 am
From our family to yours, Happy Father's Day!
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