Alydia, Eliot, Iyla & Oriya Wieting, Children of Daniel & Jamie

Alydia, Eliot, Iyla & Oriya WietingAlydia, Eliot, Iyla & Oriya Wieting are the children of Daniel and Jamie Wieting. Alydia, age 15, attends school at Chilton High School. She enjoys singing, camping, running cross country and playing basketball. Eliot, age 13, keeps everyone on their toes. He really likes camping a lot, rooting on this beloved Milwaukee Brewers and being outside. Iyla, age 11, loves to dress up, princesses, and digging for bugs and worms outside. Oriya, age 9, takes in all of the excitement the other three create, cares for her esteemed Great Dane, Kenzie, and reading books, all the while creating excitment of her own.