Dorothy F Zahringer
Apr. 1, 1922 - Mar. 23, 2021
Stockbridge, WI
Dorothy F Zahringer
Stockbridge, WI

Funeral service details have been updated for Dorothy Zahringer.  Please click HERE  for service details.  
Bob has so many staying at the fam whenever he and his parents visited Stockbridge. Bob and I loved coming to Nickel family reunions at the Park or at the harbor restaurant. Dorothy was the planner and made sure that we all were well-fed and well-drinked. Connie learned how to crochet pot scrubbers from Aunt Dorothy and has passed that skill on to a granddaughter. Dorothy's famous scrubbers will live on for a long, long time! We will miss her big smile and funny stories. Her photo album is a real treasure and brought back many fond memories. I wish that we could be there to celebrate her life with you; so we will raise a glass to her instead. Love, Connie and Bob

Bob and Connie wolf (Bob is Dorothy's nephew) - Mar. 27, 2021

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