Jolene T (Fhlug) Butkovich
May 7, 1981 - Nov. 8, 2020
Chilton, WI
Jolene T (Fhlug) Butkovich
Chilton, WI

Jolene T. (Fhlug) Butkovich, age 39, passed away unexpectedly due to a pulmonary embolism on November 8, 2020.

Jolene was born on May 7, 1981, to Fritz and Charlene Fhlug. She grew up in Charlesburg, WI, and Attended New Holstein Elementary and High School. Jolene loved her kids dearly and was very proud at the great boys they have become. She had a soft heart, especially when it came to animals, loving each of her pets dearly. Her brother Adam recalls when they were growing up how she would find a cat or dog on the side of the road and bring them home to raise and love them. Jolene had a hidden artistic talent that came naturally. She was terrific at using her creative mind to draw pictures that amazed everyone. Jolene could find the good in everyone and had a heart as big as the outdoors.

Jolene is survived by her parents, Fritz and Charlene; her sons: Hunter and Isaac Butkovich; her brother: Adam (Karen) Fhlug; and her sons’ father: Daryal Butkovich. 

The family has planned private services.

In lieu of flowers a memorial fund has been established for the two most precious things in Jolene’s life: Hunter and Isaac. Donations can be made through PayPal to Adam Fhlug, email:  
Dave and I are so sorry for the loss of Jolene. A young mother to two WONDERFUL young boys is a lasting legacy of her memories we can all share into the future. With Sympathy, Dave & Sheila

Sheila VanderHeiden (Family ) - Nov. 13, 2020

Why has God chosen a young Mother of 2 young boys? We can't answer that question. He has a plan for all of us. Fritz & Charlene, there are no words to make it better or to make the pain go away. Please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers as you go thru this difficult time. Those boys will need you more than ever now. Share her memories with them. She will forever be in your hearts. Cherish the memories.

Mostly & Shelly Jost ((Friends)) - Nov. 11, 2020

I reach out to give you strength at this time. We have no explanation why God chooses the times to call His children home. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you, now and in the days to come. Memories are important and the grandchildren are the future.

Lori Mueller (Friend) - Nov. 11, 2020

Fondly remembering my niece and her sweet smile and love of animals. Prayers for her family.

Joseph Schneider (Uncle) - Nov. 11, 2020

Dear Fritz & Charlene
How I wish there were words that could take away the loss, the pain, the tears. We are left with incredible memories and thats what they are. Our children truely are gifts from God and when he decides he want them home he calls. We hurt because of the love. I pray for your inner strength to see your family through this. Hugs to all of you. I"ve said a prayer for you. KNow that you are in my thoughts.

Jamie Rozman (Friend) - Nov. 11, 2020

We often think our children should not leave this world before us, but God has a plan. Jolene will forever be missed by all who loved & adored her! The smiles, laughs and great times are never to be forgotten. In her pass we have taken the time to reflect on all the great memories we had with her~ Fritz and Charlene, we know a part "of you" will forever be missing and our hearts hurt for you and her sons, Adam and his family -and Daryl. May you all work together to excel and cherish those awesome 39 years! Peace to to all of you~ Pray for strength!

Ken and Sherrie Schaefer (Friends) - Nov. 10, 2020

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