Welcome to Weiting Family Funeral Home
Our funeral home is a family owned and operated business.

The staff of Wieting Family Funeral Home is committed to do everything possible to give meaning to the life and remembrance of your loved one. For three generations, our family has been dedicated to serving families in their greatest hour of need.

Dear Dan & Wieting Family Funeral Home Staff,

At a time when a family is at their most vulnerable - scared, sad, overwhelmed - you were able to be there for us and say, "I Got This" - and you did - plus much more!

It may be easy for you to say - well, it's our job - but it did not feel that way to us.  You were the strength we needed to get through this hard time.

We can't say enough positives to you and your team - from start to finish - to every last detail - and the tons of questions you answered for us - and putting our minds to ease knowing that everything was taken care of.  

What we are trying to say is - Thank You! From the bottom of our hearts for all you did for the family.  You allowed us to say goodbye, goodnight and rest in peace.  You truly helped turn a sadness into a wonderful celebration of Dick's life.  Which is what we all wanted.  

You have an awesome team, with a truly caring staff.  Please continue for all the other families to come.  They will be amazed and very grateful like us.  

The Dick Brantmeier Family
~ Dick
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