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Our funeral home is a family owned and operated business.

The staff of Wieting Family Funeral Home is committed to do everything possible to give meaning to the life and remembrance of your loved one. For three generations, our family has been dedicated to serving families in their greatest hour of need.

Dear Dan & Jamie
You two could not have been dearer to work with at the time of Mom's funeral. We thank you so much for your help in such a gentle, comforting, reassuring way. What a special couple you are for such a ministry. You were right, Dan, about the open casket. I feared it...but it was beautiful to see Mom at such peace. Had I not, I would have wondered...Thank you. You were the best.
~ Joanne
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Jun 17 - 10:12 am
??? Happy Father's Day! ??? Wishing you worlds of happiness, not just on Father's Day but always!

Jun 15 - 2:13 pm
When it comes time to honor your loved one with a funeral service, we are here to make it as personalized and perfect as it can be. You get only one chance to create a healing experience while celebrating a life well lived, and we're here to help you do that.

Jun 14 - 12:12 pm
The Chilton Summer Festival starts today! Be sure to stop by Wieting Family Funeral Homes on Saturday for the Three Wheel Races starting at 10:00!

Jun 14 - 8:12 am
Meet Wisconsin's newest Licensed Funeral Director! Jamie L Wieting went back to school full-time and earned her Associates Degree in Mortuary Science, graduating in May 2018. She passed her National and State Board Exams and was given her official license this week! Jamie is super excited and appreciates all the support and encouragement from her husband, Daniel, their children, family, and friends! Congratulations, Jamie! ?

Jun 12 - 12:13 pm
Kick off your summer the right way with this fun summer checklist! Do you think you can check them all off before summer is over?

Jun 11 - 10:11 am
With Father's Day approaching, join us in remembering the fathers who are no longer with us but will remain forever in our hearts. Share this post in memory of the fathers who have passed. ?

Jun 9 - 10:50 am
Why choose us? Our goal is to create a beautiful and meaningful celebration to honor a life well lived. We spend our days planning with families. We use our creative talents. And we make hard times a little easier.

Jun 8 - 11:15 am
Your family deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and compassion, especially when going through such a difficult time as the loss of a loved one. Our staff is here to provide personalized attention to make your loved one's service as special and memorable as it can be.

Jun 8 - 9:10 am
If you guessed June 7 as the day our baby ducks would hatch, you were right! ? The kids are super excited about their arrival!

May 17 - 10:28 am
We have a visitor in the backyard of the funeral home. This Mama duck made a nest and we have 12 eggs! Our kids are excited for our new friend, they are enjoying watching Mama duck and keeping her happy with some duck food. Our dog is being mindful but not real sure why we have a another creature around here besides her. We discovered her on Saturday. What are your guess as to when these eggs will hatch?

Jun 17 - 10:12 am
??? Happy Father's Day! ??? Wishing you worlds of happiness, not just on Father's Day but always!
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